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Technical information

Technical information

Architectural elements

The planarity of Appiani’s ceramic mosaic little tiles and their slight rounding edges makes the product smooth and pleasant to the touch, also simplifying the hygienic maintenance, essential aspect in the pool management just like any other area.

Special Pieces

The large variety of special pieces and the possibility to get a 45 degree cutting angle make the product extremely suitable to customize any pool project or wellness area, allowing the perfect combination of architectural elements like steps, edges and staircases, Finnish type spillways or skimmer.

Design your Wellness corner

Ask for a free consultancy to succesfully plan your Wellness Area and Pool. Our specialists will help you to find the most suitable solution for you needs.

Ask for a free consultancy

Turnkey facilities

Rely on our technicians as well as chief tilers’ experience to build your facility. Contact us to find out more
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